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Mary Jane Mix

List of Recommended Herbs for Mary Jane Brownie Mix

More delicious then teas, all these herbs can be used therapeutically through Mary Jane Mix brownies. Infuse single herbs or combine several to make powerful, custom herbal remedies.


  Mint Leaves check mark   check mark    
  Eucalyptus Leave       check mark   check mark  
  Lavender Blossoms   check mark   check mark      
  Chamomille Blossoms   check mark   check mark      
  Calendula Blossoms   check mark         check mark
  Lemon Balm Leaves   check mark   check mark       check mark
  Anise Hyssop Florets   check mark        check mark   check mark
  Lemon Thyme Leaves   check mark   check mark       check mark
Non Herb Infusions:
Coffee Grounds  (Adds Caffeine)    
Cinnamon Sticks  (Boosts Metabolism)    
Fresh Ginger  (Aids Digestion)    
Vanilla Beans        
Whole Cloves          



The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease.

Mary Jane Mix is not designed for therapeutic medical purposes. User accepts full liability for improper use of this product. The intended use only applies to plants named by us on this website. 

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