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Mary Jane Mix

About Mary Jane Brownie Mix

Founded in June 2010 by Tara Misu, Mary Jane Mix is a subsidiary of Tara Misu, LLC. Mary Jane Mix is the first brownie mix specifically designed for herbal infusions.

Mary Jane Mix contains all natural ingredients that do not interfere with active herbal compounds. It features powdered oils built into the mix to capture all herbal ingredients resulting in optimal infused oil absorption.

Due to this specifically developed formula, less herbs are needed for maximum strength results.

Mary Jane Mix is designed for a lifestyle of people who are involved in Herbalism, or herbal remedies and desire a healthier was to ingest there herbs then smoking. The unique mix is quick-baking and conveniently does not require eggs. All these considerations make it the fastest, most cost-effective and simple way to make your own herbal brownies. It is currently sold exclusively at, and set to be available at shops nationwide by the end of 2011.

I have spent years making herbal brownies and can honestly say this mix if far superior to anything else out there. Every aspect of this mix from the ingredients, texture, cooking time, measurements and taste have all been chosen with the sole purpose of herbal brownies in mind.

The entire process was tested and developed with a very willing panel of brownie testers. The result is now a simple, precise system that is easy to do for a task that used to be intimidating and based largely on trial and error.

By the end of my brownie making journey, I was constantly hearing this was the best brownie of people's life. That's when I knew Mary Jane Mix was ready.

I hope you have as much fun with Mary Jane Mix as I did creating it.

Tara Misu - Mary Jane Mix Creator


Tara Misu
Owner/Creator of Mary Jane Mix